For all the air that's in your lungs
For all the joy that is to come
For all the things that you're alive to feel
Just let the pain remind you hearts can heal
"Some things are hard to write about. After something happens to you, you go to write it down, and either you over dramatize it, or underplay it, exaggerate the wrong parts or ignore the important ones. At any rate, you never write it quite the way you want to."

Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath  (via sensibilitaet)

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every day:

  • go outside to feel the sun (5-15 minutes is recommended)
  • if there is no sun step outside and inhale fresh air
  • drink water - the more cups the better
  • listen to one song that makes you happy
  • talk to one person you like - do not hesitate to reach out
  • stretch; don’t forget about your body
  • smile in the mirror

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"Don’t fuck the girl that’s easy . Fuck the hottest bitch in the room that’s hard to get ."

American Hustler (via american-hustler)

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"And remember this, that if you’ve been hated, you’ve also been loved."

Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady (via feellng)

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"Women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego."

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"I need you to be clingy because I’m paranoid and I begin to think you don’t like me if you’re not."

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i’m the type of person who will miss you to death but won’t do anything about it because i don’t want to seem like the desperate one

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